5 Tips for Moving Furniture In and Around Your House

Have you ever noticed the way removalists make light work of moving furniture in, out and about your house with ease? Obviously there are some specialist techniques that make the job easier and safer not only for your furniture but for you. Moving furniture incorrectly can damage your home and damage your furniture but also be quite damaging to you. Here are 5 tips for the next time you are moving furniture about…

Don’t bend your back. This must one of the oldest lessons in the book and we have all been told too many times. Your back and torso can be very susceptible to damage when bending over and lifting items that may not seem that heavy before you try. The irreparable and long term damage risks are very high and this point cannot be stressed enough. Lift items using your legs.

Know your limits. How many times have you seen someone struggling with what seems an impossible task despite them not wanting to give in. Normally in these cases we become fatigued and open the door for damage to the furniture, damage to our home and damage to ourselves. Knowing our limit and getting the right amount of help when needed is an important part of managing any task.

Planning ahead. Clear and concise calculations should be made ahead before you begin moving your furniture. Furniture is not designed to bend around corners. Take measurements so that you are sure you can complete any objective. Plan ahead which items are to be moved first whether moving in or our or just around your house. Get clutter out of the way. How many times have we seen a disaster unfold when someone has approached moving furniture without giving forethought.

Having or getting the right tools. Particularly when we are heavy items such as fridges and freezers it is better to be properly armed with the right devices to help with the move. Most furniture is not designed to be moved and if they were they would have wheels. Which is exactly the issue that you may need to rectify. Make sure you have strong enough tools to carry out your task. Simple items such as a solid plastic sheet can be very useful and make light work of moving items around your home.

Prepare moving parts. If there are moving parts on furniture such as the lid on a piano or drawers that can slide open, take the necessary precautions to ensure these items do not move during your move. If a piece of furniture can be disassembled then it is probably better to do so as it was designed that way for a reason. Sometimes a little preparation can make doing a job a whole lot easier and safer in the long run.

If you are short for ideas or just not sure how to approach moving particular items talk to your local international or interstate removalists. A small amount of advice and a couple tricks of the trade may prove very helpful particularly with odd and unique items. There are specific techniques and skills to moving furniture and if you have ever seen them at work you will know how fast and easily they can get the job done.

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  1. furniture rental user says:

    Some great tips here thanks!

    I think the best tip i’ve ever lived by is to be prepared! Be prepared if your moving buddy falls ill, be prepared if you’re furniture measurements wern’t quite up to scratch and more importantly be prepared if you arrive before your furniture……

    Thanks :)

    January 21st, 2011 at 10:18 am

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